Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Lee Hi : Seoulite Full Album Review

Seeing as I reviewed the first part of Lee Hi's Seoulite album, I thought I might as well review the second half. I'm going back on what I said in that post too because THESE songs are better than she has released before! This half also has songs and styles that suit her voice a lot better.

1. My Star

Lee Hi is channelling the 1960's Mo-town vibes so well through this song and I have had this stuck in my head since I first heard it! The song is so cheerful and happy and is a good tune for the spring season too. Like a few of her songs on the 1st half, this is really easy to listen to but still has more exiting parts too, such a when 'the boys' and 'the girls' join in.

2. Blues (희망고문)

Another song with 1960's vibes, which Lee Hi does so well. This is a lot slower and a bit more heartbreaking than 'My Star' but still has a great beat and rhythm to it. The harmonies in this song really compliment her voice perfectly too. 

3. Passing By (스쳐 간다)

If you didn't know, I play guitar and this song really got to me because the melody the guitar plays is really nice. The style of this is very different from the previous two songs and I would even say it has a little bit of a country style to it. It's very gentle and also very easy to listen to. This song is actually the only song on the album that the lyrics were written by Lee Hi and it was composed by her too.

4. Up All Night (밤샘) (Feat. Tablo)

If I'm honest, I thought this was a new version of 'Breathe' when it first started because it's also ballad, though gentler, with a piano. It also features Tablo, who wrote and composed the song, with loving but sad lyrics. In comparison to 'Breathe', I very much prefer this song because it's a bit more interesting to listen to.

5. Video (안봐도 비디오) (Feat. Bobby of iKon)

This is another song that's constantly been in my head because of it's super catchy chorus. I would say that this is another energetic yet easy to listen to song but Bobby's rapping is a bit aggressive in comparison to the rest of the song. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but it does change the overall tone of the song and gives it more edge.  

6. Missing U

I love listening to this song to feel chilled out which is helped with the jazz organ and the classical piano riffs in the chorus. Even though it's quite slow, it's got quite a bit of energy behind it, especially thanks to Lee Hi's vocals offering quite a lot of power in the chorus.

I give Seoulite 5/5, just like the first half of the album. Lee Hi has released another half album with a high standard of songs that have an easy going theme and a good quality of sound. The melodies, harmonies and rhythms of every song on this album are incredible and I absolutely love it. This half of Seoulite is definitely my favourite and I can now actually say that I got a bit bored of a few of the songs on the first half after a while. Again, well done Tablo, DJ Tukutz and Lee Hi

Do you agree with me on my opinions of the songs? And which half of the album do you like better?

I'm in love with this album artwork too!!