Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Soap & Glory Clean Getaway Gift Set | Review

Specially designed for travel purposes, the Soap & Glory Clean Getaway Gift Set includes four mini products perfect for when you're jetting off and not taking up space in your suitcase with original sized products. It's also great to give someone for a gift - which is how I received it. And since I have (almost) finished all these products I thought I'd take the chance to review each one of them.

Firstly, you don't have to buy this just because you're going on holiday or to buy as a gift - Soap 7 Glory products can be a bit pricey (especially if you don't have an income, like me) so buying this would be great to experience the glory of their products without having to splash out.

The shower and bath gels lasted me just over a week each whilst the body butter lasted around 3 weeks and I'm still using the hand cream now (considering I started using it in November). Though it's not long for each product, it can help you decide what to buy if you want to get the larger product.

Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel

As with all the products, the shower gel is scented with the Original Pink fragrance and it smells great! Though the scent doesn't stay with your body all day, I have still got a whiff of it at mid-point during the day.

With a 'built-in body lotion', it leaves you with super smooth skin as well as saving you time because you don't need to moisturise when you come out the shower.

The larger version is at £6.50 so I give this a 4/5

Calm One Calm All Stress-Battling Softening Bubble Bath

I don't favour baths so I used this as shower gel (judge me all you want) but I don't think it really matters, right? This also doubles up as a body lotion thanks to it's skin conditioning extracts to leave you feeling extra smooth.

Buying the larger one of these as a present, rather than the whole set, is a good idea especially if you know the person loves their baths, unlike me.

The larger size is £6.00 (a whole 50p cheaper than the shower gel!!!) even though there isn't much of a difference between them so this gets a 5/5

Hand Food

Now, my hands get very dry often as you may know if you have been reading my blog posts since I started so I can get pretty critical when it comes to hand cream. As Boots best selling hand cream (*), I can only agree to an extent.

It has been great to renew my hands when they need a quick bit of moisture but I wouldn't recommend this if you have really dry hands because the fragrance could irritate them even more otherwise. However, if you happen to use this when your hands are suffering then it doesn't irritate them as much as I have known others to, so you could use this as a back up hand cream if you are in a desperate situation.

You can buy this at £7.00 for 125ml, £2.50 for 50ml or a pump version with 250ml for £7.00 and this get's a 4/5 

The Righteous Butter

Another product with the Original Pink fragrance and determined to give you soft skin, you wont need to wear perfume if you put this on after you shower.

Similar with the Hand Food, don't use this if you have more serious skin problems because it will probably irritate it even more, however you could use it on other areas that can accept creams with a fragrance. It is also quite similar to the hand cream because of it's scent and it's purpose but as a body butter this is thicker.

To buy a 300ml pot, which would probably last a life time is £10.00 or you could buy a £2.50 50ml pot. Either way I give this product 3/5

And that marks the end of this review, I hope it was somewhat informative and influences your opinion when you next go to buy a Soap & Glory product.
- Zin

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Winter Neutrals | Outfit

Winter Neutrals

January, to me, is always a hard time to know what to wear. Of course, the clothing has to be warm but it is suddenly unacceptable to wear our festive items that we wore throughout December (I can't think why....). Nonetheless, I have come up with a few ideas that you CAN wear in January.

Neutral colours are good for this time of year in my opinion because the rest of the year allows the bold colours to have their limelight, what with Spring and Summer, and even Autumn.

If you desperately want to wear a skirt with socks (I know I do, for fashion reasons obviously) then don't let the sharp cold stop you. Simply wear skin coloured tights underneath! It is also possible to find skin coloured thick tights too so please don't think you're tough enough to wear just the thin ones if you know you aren't, like me.

Woolly hats with pom-poms seem more like a Christmas novelty to me, so at this time of the year I like to wear baseball caps. To be quite honest, though, I like to wear baseball caps all year round. Baseball caps are also very popular in fashion right now, so don't think you'll look to eager for Summer in one!

I hope this quick outfit has given you some ideas for your January wardrobe and I think I will be posting a lot more about fashion than I previously have been so follow me on Twitter - @Zin97_ to know when I have a new blog post. Whilst I'm talking about social media, I'm also working on my Bloglovin' page too so you can also look forward to that.
- Zin 

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Neutrogena Visably Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash | Review

If you feel like changing up your skin care routine for the new year (and yes, I will probably talk about new year changes in every post I do in January just to fore warn you), I suggest that picking a new facial cleanser is a good way to go about it.

I have been using the Simple Kind To Skin Foaming Cleanser for coming up to 2 years now and I think that I need a well deserved change. I have been as loyal to my foaming cleanser as it has been to me but a new cleanser might bring new excitement to my currently dull skin care routine.

The Product

Specially formulated to help 'eliminate blackheads and spots'. the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash looks and feels clean and refreshing. My skin has resulted to that same feeling also.

I have been using this for around 3 weeks and, though I wasn't anticipating any massive changes, my skin does feel less oily and more clear. I don't suffer from spots or terrible blackheads but I would wrestle my clogged pores to the ground if I could. Because the fresh grapefruit smell also plays a part in the sensation of cleanliness, my clogged pores are breathing a bit more air than they used to.

One thing that I would say about this product is that it contains sodium laureth sulphate which, in foaming cleansers, can be very drying on the skin. My Simple Foaming Cleanser doesn't contain it and I have noticed that, in comparison, my skin feels drier with the Neutrogena Facial Wash before I apply my moisturiser. Because of this, I recommend that if you shouldn't use this if you are prone to dry skin.

The Cleaning Test

I like to do this with every cleanser I try. I put a load of different make up products on my hand and marvel at what kind of miracles the cleanser could do for me. As you can see, I put lip tint, eye liner, eye shadow and BB cream on my hand and put the Neutrogena Facial Wash into action!

I massaged the wash into my hand, as I would on my face, using warm water and within a minute all the make up was gone (not even a hint of eye liner was left behind). And just like my face experiences, the back of my hand felt cleansed and refreshed. 

If I'm honest, I wasn't expecting it to cleanse this well so I am thoroughly impressed, Neutrogena!

The Bottom Line

If you want a very affordable everyday facial wash then this is perfect for you. It will leave you with a lovely-smelling fresh face and pores that are clean. However, be aware if you get dry skin because this is not likely to help you at all there. 

I give Neutrogena Visably Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash 7/10

- Zin

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Pastel Pop Outfit


Is the dull January rain making you feel unmotivated to keep to your new
years resolutions? Stop feeling so down and rebel against the weather with
your wardrobe! Here are some fun ideas to to get you off the sofa and onto
the streets (even if you do need to take a raincoat and umbrella).

1.Sometimes all you need is 1 colourful item to make an outfit bring light
to your face and I suggest starting with a t-shirt. That way you can work
other elements of your look around it - just like I have done in the picture

2.Shorts may be a bit adventurous to go outside in just yet (unless you
want to wear thick tights with them). So when you've got an indoors day,
wear them then. The house will be warm and you'll be organising those
cupboards that you stuffed all your uninteresting Christmas presents in,

3. Trainers are bound to make you want to get up and be active in them,
so get up and get them on!

4. Like I mentioned before, work other elements of your look around the
bright colours. This could be nail varnish, a cap, lipstick or even a pair of
socks. Get creative.

Hopefully with these quick tips you will put a springier step into your
resolutions this January and maybe even keep them going until February
this year...
- Zin