Sunday, 13 September 2015

Red Velvet - The Red : Album Review

How long has it been since I have done an album review? Too long for me to leave it any longer that's for sure!! And because I have been really loving Red Velvet's 1st Album, The Red, I thought I would review it.

1. Dumb Dumb

The title song! Probably my favourite song they've done, it's got such a good tune in the chorus and the repetitive 'dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb' that makes the song really fun also makes the song so addictive.

Even though the rap parts really do not show good rapping and there is no part that has incredible vocals, sometimes songs don't need them to deliver what the producers or artists want to and the song works great with what is has. I will most likely be listening to this for the next week none stops.

2. Huff n Puff

Again, another really good tune that's really fun which is common for Red Velvet and I can't help but feel like this song, along with the concept as dolls, is a bit Christmassy. Am I the only one getting that vibe? Like I know it's the next major holiday after halloween but maybe the beginning of September is a bit soon for Christmas vibes, you know?

Anyway, back to the song. The electronic and hip hop beat is quite odd but because it works so well (for me, anyway) it really makes this song as lovable as it is.

3. Campfire

Campfire has a mellow-er feel but is still upbeat. If I'm honest, I would have made this song a lot more mellow and laid back if I was the producer for this song. Don't get me wrong - I love it the way it is but because it is a song about being at a campfire and the surroundings with feelings of love and I don't think the song works well with the lyrics and feelings that it's trying to portray. As someone who studies music and wants to be a music producer, I feel very strongly about these types of things so ... please excuse me....

4. Red Dress

The verses of this song have really got it going for them! They are killing it! The chorus, however, is a different story. It's OK but it doesn't really compare to the verses which are so lively, upbeat and full of expression. If I'm honest it is a bit boring and I remember feeling a bit disappointed when I first heard it because it was a bit like an anti climax really.

5. Oh Boy

This is a song that I think will grow on me. I listen to it and I know it's good because I can hear the beat and the vocals enveloping around me and make me feel good but it doesn't stand out as much as other songs do on this album.

6. Lady's Room

Now please don't hate me for what I'm about to say. This entire review is my opinion and I would respect you if you said that 'Dumb Dumb' or 'Huff n Puff' were not taking your fancy. Lady's Room really has nothing to it and I don't really see a point in it. Because of this it reminded me a bit of Girls' Generation's 'Party' as it felt like it was just created because they needed a song. Sorry .....

7. Time Slip

Opposite to Red Dress, I really love the chorus but the verses are not so good, however parts of them are. This is because the chorus and verses have different styles and almost belong in different genres - the verses are hip hop based whilst the chorus is a slow pop song. And let's just mention the harmonies because they are very nice to listen to!

8. Don't U Wait No More

Part of me likes this song and part of me doesn't. It's an easy beat with adventure of vocals ... maybe a bit too adventurous a few too many times, though. The easiness of the song is likeable but the repetitiveness is plain and the toe-curling vocals (at times) is not.

9. Day 1

This takes me back to kpop back in the good old days. Am I the only one who got this? I'm thinking Early Orange Caramel and IU style. It's fun and doesn't have anything too over powering (I'm talking about style or instruments). It could maybe have something more too it to make it more memorable but I'm not sure what that something would be. Nevertheless, it's a good song without this secret something that my concious is telling me it should have.

10. Cool World

Somehow I listened to this song before I even watched the 'Dumb Dumb' music video (I don't really know how either). And though I may want to call this song a bit boring, it is actually a right tune! The melodies and rhythm that it contains wraps well with the beat and instruments. It's not a song that I could get up and dance to but it is a song that I would listen to when I'm on the bus or walking to college - that says something!!

So there it is! My review on Red Velvet's 'The Red' album. Please let me know what you think about the songs if you feel the same way that I do or even if you feel like I should know how much you disagree with my opinion!
- Zin

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How to Deal with Disappointment

Received your exam results and couldn't be more disappointed? Most of us have felt that way - whether you were 1 mark of an A* or had been told you were working at a B grade to then get a D.

In most cases you can't do anything about it other than to get your head around these things and I will give some help as to how you can deal with self disappointment even in situations separate from your exams.

1. Firstly, try and see what you did rather than what you achieved. I know that I tried so hard for my AS level exams that I gave up ALL of my interests and hobbies to do revision and work for my courses and I'm proud that I did that (even though I didn't like it).

If you know that you you did the best you could do then the outcome should not have your full attention. GCSE's and A levels are a process of 2 years of work and (personally) the exams at the end of the year do not show your full potential. Of course you could apply this theory to many things such as if you do exercise and you feel disappointed that you didn't do more - at least you did something.

2.Find out what you can do with the result. If you can still take the subjects you want , that's great but if you can't you could either take another subject (that you wouldn't mind learning) or let the people in charge know that you will be completely committed and will work your hardest. Whatever you do, do not feel defeated because you are worth more than an exam result.

Again, if you are having a hard time dieting then look at what you have learnt when you have tried to diet, for example if you know that you will binge eat if you are stood around in the kitchen or that having spare money will make you buy from that vending machine. Every day and every experience is another chance to learn no matter what the lesson may be.

3. Talk to someone. Even if they don't know how they can help you, just talking about whatever is bothering you will make you feel like you have released something that has been really annoying you. Sometimes you might not realise that it is something you need to talk about or it can allow you to figure things out for yourself. 

I know that there have been plenty of times that I have been so disappointed with something but then when I tell someone I realise that my mind is making it a much bigger deal that it is or that there is a simple solution that I hadn't realised before. You never know that the other person might also have some very important advise to give you anyway.

4. Think about it perspectively - will this exam result be relevant in a year? Or 5 years even? Sometimes it could be and you need to find a way to counter that so don't procrastinate and really reach for what you want. If it won't be then don't beat yourself up about it. My Dad got a U in his German A level and it obviously wasn't that important because he got on with the rest of his life and has a successful job.

5. As I had just said - don't beat yourself up about it. There is no point in getting getting upset then staying upset. Once you have been upset accept it and move on. It might sound harsh but moving on will help you to counter the set back and take your mind away from it. It will help the problem to become something bigger or to be left behind instead of staying forever as a disappointment.

I hope these few little point of how to deal with disappointment have been useful.
- Zin

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Thinking out Loud #3

What to know what's going on? Click here.

1. I miss a ToL last week. I wasn't expecting to but the day slowly came to an end as did my motivation so I just told myself that I'll just pick up as soon as I feel like it. Which was last night after my guitar lesson was cancelled. Anyway, enough rambling about events that led to other events!

2. My college starts next week and I want to know if I'm the only one who thinks about upcoming events like starting college solidly all day from the week before? I'm serious! From the moment I stop talking to someone I will think about college. I'm not exactly nervous but rather excited (if I'm honest I don't really understand why I'm excited either) and I think I'm over thinking too much because I'm not really sure what it will be like. I mean I've been off school for like 10 weeks and it's going to be hard changing my routine, you know?

3. I crave feel good songs daily so much that I usually get bored of them quickly from listening to that one song only. Common problem, right? Well, Verbal Jint and Sanchez's song 'Doin' it' is one of those songs so I was super pumped when they released a new song.

I love Sanchez's kind of imitation of Michael Jackson's voice (You are my Fav O RIT-a AC! cident) along with the funky guitar makes this my favourite ;)...

4. I also just want to share with you what I have been baking this week, which was super easy can I just say?

May I present to you home made Jammy Dodgers! I actually haven't had one of those delicious sandwiched biscuits in way too long but these certainly made me want to buy some.... or just make another batch of these. As you can see I slightly over filled them with butter cream and jam so they look proper rustic!

But these really are so simple because you just get an easy plain biscuit recipe (maybe add a drop of vanilla extract but they are just as good without), bake them for less than 10 minutes, prepare store bought butter cream and jam or even better - make it yourself then sandwich together and viola! Simple as simple does.

5. Finally, I realised that once I posted what was in drafts it motivated me to actually post them instead of keeping them hidden for an extra 2 months so I think I will give you another sneaky peek at some pictures that will feature in posts to come.

Stay tuned if you want to know how these pictures are relevant to anything and see you next time!
- Zin

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lifestyle Blog: Where I've Been - Leeds

Where have I been? Leeds! And it was such a beautiful Sunday morning that I think it will be stuck in my mind as one of my most favourite days this year.
A pale blue sky with wispy white clouds as the sun slowly shrank the shadows on the buildings. It was picture perfect, however I came to Leeds with my Dad who does not like to hang around resulting in limited photos of the picturesque scene that surrounded me.

After finding out the art gallery and city museum were both closed at 9:40am on a Sunday morning, we went for breakfast at a Caffe Nero. 

Now let me tell you that this apricot croissant with orange juice was truly bliss. I have recently moved to favouring Caffe Nero out of all of the chain café's (and I'm not going to mention which one it has replaced).

After the city museum trip, we moved to the art gallery which had a Terry Frost exhibition. His art is very hard to describe but the example above will hopefully help you to visualise his other pieces. 

The art work is very much just shapes of paint sometimes featuring other elements such as pencil (e.g the one above). The title of the artwork gives you more of an insight as to why he painted what he did. 

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the piece above and there was no luck in searching the internet for it but there was a similar piece with a name involving winter. In this case you would be able to tell that the connection to winter is that there white, grey and black colours prominent in winter.

 After all the brain work and walking we went to the gallery cafe, The Titled Hall, for lunch. I absolutely love it in there even though I sometimes suffer from a bit of agoraphobia (fear of large spaces, you may get a bit of an idea from the pictures below if you have never been).

The tiled walls and ceiling is really what I love about the hall that leads to the library because it offers such beauty. The architecture also impressive and offers such a beautiful atmosphere. If I lived in Leeds I would undoubtedly visit this cafe at the drop of a hat.

Afterwards, we walked around some shops but our time was up in Leeds all too quickly so we headed back to catch a train home.

I hope this lifestyle blog has been somewhat interesting as the one I have done and I might do one for my trip for London so watch this space!
- Zin