Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Cleaning Make-Up Brushes: What When Where Why How

One thing people tend to miss out in a make-up routine is cleaning the brushes, it doesn't have to be done every time they are used but should be done often.


Every brush should be washed at some point however an example of one that you could leave for a while without washing is an eye shadow brush if you usually use the same shades of colour it as you won't accidentally be mixing a range of different colours all the time plus eye shadow brushes only contact your eye lid and shouldn't pick up too much dirt.

If you use any other brush similarly to an eye shadow brush then you also do not need to clean it often.


It will depend on how often you use a brush and what it is that is going on it, like I said, an eye shadow brush will not need to be cleaned frequently but a foundation brush (or sponge) should be cleaned weakly.

I have an eye liner brush which I also use for subtle eye shadow everyday. I apply my eye liner, clean it then apply eye shadow then leave it for the next day.


The best place to clean anything is with water (...this is me trying to be funny... I'm sorry). Depending on how much make-up is on the brushes or how big, you may want to get a small basin to soak the brushes in for a while.

You can dry them by keeping them on a towel or flannel.


It may seem a bit obvious why we should keep make-up brushes clean, so we can get the old make-up off. There is also much more to that. Not only do we not want old make-up staying on our brushes, we also don't want it going on our faces.

Germs can also build up on brushes and can bring more germs to them by keeping them in a bag or something similar and putting germs onto your face is what creates more spots.


The best way I have found to clean them is to use a small amount of hand soap and rub it into the palm of your hand using the brush, that way you can see it all come off  and know when it has all come off. Alternatively, you could let it soak in soapy water in a small basin for a while as I said earlier.

Make sure you give it a good rinse as any left over soap could come through when you apply your make-up next.

Dry it using a towel or flannel. Either let it dry on it's own or you could be very gentle and dry it with the towel yourself. (You'll want to be gentle so you don't damage any bristles or pull any out accidentally)


I hope you've found this useful
- Zin x

Friday, 19 September 2014

Super Plus Beblish Balm Triple Functions (Hot Pink BB Cream) by SKIN79: Review

As I mentioned in my favourites post, I will be reviewing SKIN79 Super Plus Beblish Balm Triple Functions.
It is a triple functioned BB cream that helps wrinkles, sun protection and whitening (skin tone evening).


First of all it comes in a hot pink box and the actual bottle is also hot pink. There's nothing really extravagant
about the packaging other than the bottle is a little unusual compared to other make up bottles that I have seen but all you do is press the top down and you have your BB Cream.

Another thing is that, because this is a Korean brand, the writing on the back is in Korean but there is also some English which explains a bit about it.

The BB Cream


Unfortunately it only comes in one tone, however there are different versions of this which do other jobs that may come in other tones but I have not tested them to see if they do.

The tone more of a pinky colour than anything (as you will see in the pictures below) but is also quite light so I like to use it as an everyday foundation.

Comparing it to western brands of foundation (Maybelline, No.7 etc.) it is very light and pink. Western brands, compared to this, have a slight of a yellow/orange tone depending on the tone and my skin tone is lighter than most brands lightest colour and this is just a fraction than  darker than my original skin colour.


The texture is very smooth, almost like silk, but because it gives a bit of a dewy look it does feel a bit greasy on your hands and I tend to wash mine after I have finished applying it. When you first put it on it also looks very dewy but it does settle down within a minute to give a natural glow.

The consistency is pretty light but also has a bit of thickness to it and would sit around an 8 on a scale from 0 being thick and 10 being thin but it becomes almost weightless after about 10 mins of wearing it.

I must also say that it can feel a bit greasy on your hands and face and if say you wiped your nose after applying it then some would come off but after a while these factors disappear which is great.

Triple Functioned?

The three functions that it does are wrinkle improvement, sun protection and whitening (evening skin tone) and although I am too young to say if it works for wrinkles, it does do what it says and more.

 It is SPF25 and when I have been out in the sun my arms have sometimes got a little tint of tan (without sun cream) but my face has come out not changing colour. Plus is also takes away the stress of having to not wear make up or take make up off to apply sun cream.

My skin tone as seen in the picture below, is not even everywhere and I also have small dark circles naturally so with a bad nights sleep they can look really bad. Believe it or not my skin tone was really bad and uneven over a year ago and since I have been using this it has gradually improved a bit.

Before I even got this I had read that it could help heal scars (I think it is because Korean actors and actresses will commonly get surgery on their face and it would help the scars to heal quicker). I don't and didn't have any scars of the type but I used to pick my spots a lot which left scars but this helped them to disappear.

Also I think that this has reduced the amount of spots I get, it could just be that my acne has slowed down but when I do get a spot, it is unlikely it will become anything big and if it is big will only be there for about a week. Again this could be my own acne and skin calming down but it also helps to cover spots well too.

Overall Review

Overall the coverage is amazing and the functions work as well as they say so it's more than what I could have hoped for and I really have nothing more to say other than that.

Here are pictures to show how it is on me. (Note: the pictures were taken by a window in daylight)

The other great thing is that on it is less than £13 and is really worth the money considering it can last up to a year considering on how much and how often you use. There is a link at the top to the webpage on or you can just copy and past the title (removing 'Review') into Google and there will be links to other sites as well.

- Zin x